Quality care and support for people with Cerebral Palsy


“My sister has been at Lincolnshire House for over 2 years now. We have experience of a number of care settings over the years, in addition I looked at dozens before her arrival here. I can say with confidence that none have come even remotely close to the care, support, love and dedication consistently shown by the management and staff at Lincolnshire House. Since arriving here my sister has come on leaps and bounds developing new interests and hobbies whilst all the time improving her ability to interact with, and shape, the world around her. I know how much Lincolnshire House means to her, how much it has given her and for that her whole family is eternally grateful. Lincolnshire House should be a beacon to the whole care sector – this is how to do it!”
Max White – (Brother of resident)

“Our son attends Lincolnshire House for day care, and occasionally respite. He thrives here, and is in his element trying all the activities (of which there are many). We are currently in the process of trying to secure funding for him to live here permanently. All staff are kind and caring. They offer a holistic approach to care, and encourage the residents to be in control of their own care. I have always held an extremely poor view of care establishments, but Lincolnshire House has exceeded my expectations. If I could, I would like to see other care homes send their staff to Lincolnshire House for training so that they can witness the Gold Standard in practice. As parents, we are afforded the knowledge that our son is safe and happy here. We are, and always will be, indebted to all staff at Lincolnshire House”
Theresa (Mother of day service user)

“My 25-year-old Daughter Kelsey who has Cerebral palsy & is Registered blind, as well as other conditions, has been going to Lincolnshire House for over 3 years, twice a week and she absolutely loves it and everyone there.
All the staff are very approachable any time we need to discuss anything.
Kelsey has made lots of friends, especially one, whom she enjoys a cuppa and a natter, when she has overnight Respite in one of their fantastic self-contained flats, which she thoroughly enjoys tremendously.
Her time spent here includes playing games, Arts and crafts, enjoying time in the Sensory room and chatting to all her many friends. One of her special things to do, is to be pampered and having her nails done.
Lincolnshire house has been a god send to me because my own health has deteriorated a lot these past few years, where I find it extremely painful and hard to shower her and attend her personal needs, so every time Kelsey attends Lincolnshire house, they give her a shower for me.
The meals that are provided on a daily basis are very healthy and very enjoyable by Kelsey, as she often tells me.
Kelsey has had her own input on some things I have said in this Appraisal.”
Debra Gregory (Mother of day service user)

“As a person who likes to be active when he can be, I was very eager to find a respite place that would offer me something more than what I would be able to experience in Grantham.
This is because the amount of entertainment amenities has dwindled in the past few years
and I have a very active mind so I find myself needing more stimulation than what
Grantham offers from time to time.
It was initially very daunting arriving at Lincs house but the staff made me very welcome and put my mind at ease from the start and didn’t seem daunted by the prospect of having a new person in their respite provision. I also felt that I could visit the permanent accommodation without the worry of not fitting in. It has now all fallen into place and I am looking forward to going back in a few weeks to stay there again.
The variety of activities they do at Lincs house also helps to maximise the engagement of
the residents and respite clients involved and helps to make sure they remain happy on a daily basis which I thought was really good.
The fact that there are also plenty of trips organised helps to encourage the residents and respite clients alike to explore their local community and engage in more outside activities.
However, there are also plenty of on-site activities to do when the weather becomes bad.
You really get the sense that everybody at Lincolnshire House can do any of the activities
whatever the weather which is really good.”
Adam Walker (Day / Respite Service User)

“I have been at Lincolnshire house for 50 years. One of the many things that makes my home special are our great staff who are very dedicated and devoted. One of the examples being that at fundraising events staff come and help on the day of or working the same day. New workers learn to knock on doors and wait for a response and give people dignity. We are a family.”
Benjy Taylor (Resident of Lincolnshire House)

“Staff very caring and compassionate. Very happy with care given in difficult times.”
(Lynne Foyster)

“Our son Bailey has been staying for respite breaks here for around a year. He has complex medical needs and for around 9 months he was on a specialist ketogenic diet for his epilepsy. Staff were not fazed by this and were very enthusiastic to cook the recipes and learn more about the diet. The staff have developed a fantastic understanding of him. They know what interests him and makes him happy. Their aim is always to get the best out of him during his stays and show a real genuine care and compassion for him. The accommodation is very homely and modern. You can find everything you want, activities, company or peace and quiet. It’s down to the individual on their needs and wants. There’s always a smiling member of staff around each corner to greet you and interact. Bailey enjoys his stays and we feel relaxed that he is being well cared for in a wonderful setting”.
(Anita Marshall – Mother of day service user)

“Years ago my Mum worked for a lady that attended Lincolnshire House during the day to take part in the plethora of activities they offered. When I joined our CSR program at DHL I wanted to do something for the charity, residents and staff at Lincolnshire House to show our appreciation for all that they offer and particularly when there is a limited availability of this service in our local area. Over the last three years we’ve tried to contribute in several ways. We started by offering Raffle Prizes for various events in order to help raise money for the Wish Appeal. For the last 3 years approx. 150 of our staff have donated their annual Xmas Dinner each year to the Residents, Day attenders and staff. The first time we did this we got dressed up in our Xmas jumpers and served everyone a 3 course meal – the following year we changed to catering a buffet for everyone, just so the kitchen staff could enjoy the night too.
At Easter we’ve turned up with Easter Eggs for the Residents. We’ve run collections for car boot items and books and DVD’s to be sold at table top sales. We’ve brought hampers of baking items and storage boxes full of goodies for the Salon. In 2018 Lincolnshire House was one of our nominated charities for our Summer Family Fun Day. We donated £750 and then DHL Match It scheme donated the same again.
The staff are fantastic at Lincolnshire House and always so welcoming and grateful for anything that is donated to help keep the place going and contribute towards their next fundraising project. And the Residents remember us every time we visit. I get hugs from Alex. Benjy is always happy to talk and tell us stories of how much the staff mean to everyone and how much of a family they are. Peter brings his autograph book out so that we can leave him messages. Each time I’ve visited I’m amazed by new projects, the range of activities and the effort that everyone puts in to make life as fulfilling as it can possibly be.
We will continue to support Lincolnshire House wherever we can for as long as we can” 
Helen Millward ( Scunthorpe DHL Sports and Social – Corporate Social Responsibility Representative)