Quality care and support for people with Cerebral Palsy

Our Story


1966 – The centre was opened by local Cerebral Palsy Groups with help from Scope. The facility offered multi-occupancy rooms and communal facilities.

1988 – Lincolnshire House Association was formed. Residents were given a voice with regards to the day to day running of Lincolnshire House, and were given many more opportunities. In the late 1980’s our first fundraising appeal started called “Stepping Stones”.

1995 – The First Brick appeal was created, as it was recognised that the aging building would not meet future standards.

2005 – The First Brick appeal was completed, raising £1.25 million in total. This allowed Lincolnshire House to modernise the bungalows so that each resident had their own room and en-suite. Each bungalow also had its own kitchen, lounge and dining room. An activities centre was also built to bring the residents even more opportunities.

2006 – The WISH appeal (Where independence starts at home) was formed and independent flats were created by converting existing property.

2010 – A new bungalow was built from the WISH appeal funds, this included two independent flats, plus respite facilities for two people. At this time the WISH appeal had raised over £1 million pounds.

2020 – The three converted flats were rebuilt to improve independent living. Each resident was given their own living space, along with a communal area for them to socialise together. An administration building was also built which had easy access for all residents.

Between The First Brick appeal and the WISH appeal we have raised over £2.25 million. This has allowed us to modernise Lincolnshire House and give the residents the facilities they require to live life to their full potential. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us with this over the years. If you would like to help us with our fundraising please visit our fundraising page.


The WISH appeal is currently raising money to create a hot tub area for the residents to enjoy.

Philosophy of Care

We encourage the residents at Lincolnshire House to exercise their rights in full and they are fully included in decisions that affect their lives. The following rights and values are at the forefront of our philosophy of care:

  • Valuing the Individual – respecting the resident’s rights. A belief in the individual, in what makes individual’s unique.
  • Privacy – a fundamental right which all recognise at Lincolnshire House.
  • Involvement and Responsibility – all residents have the right to participate in the management of Lincolnshire House. Resident’s are represented on the executive council, there are resident committees, fund raising and activity committees which have representation from the residents. The residents are also involved in selecting new staff.
  • Security – residents expect to live in a safe and secure environment.
  • Independence – residents are encouraged and supported to be independent and are encouraged to take reasonable risks as part of their independent lifestyle.
  • Quality Care – Lincolnshire House is driven by the needs, abilities and aspirations of the residents not by what staff, management or any other group would like. We aim to provide the best possible care. Staff are trained to high standards to meet the resident’s needs. We continue to develop our services and improve the community for people with disabilities.