Quality care and support for people with Cerebral Palsy

Day Care & Activities

Lincolnshire House provides daily activities not only for residents but also for Day Care users from Scunthorpe and the surrounding area.

Day Care can be available from 8.30 am – 4.30 pm, although the majority of activities take place between 9.30 am to 3.30 pm Monday to Friday.

The Day Care provided to non-residents reflects the choice and needs of the individual service user. Some may wish to purchase attendance every day, some just one or more days. We are able to offer individuals the opportunity to purchase specific sessions within the activities programme. Initially, non-residents will be invited to attend an assessment day in order to ascertain their care needs and the individual’s interests and wishes. Those who need it can be assisted by one to one carers (subject to funding).

The Day Care provided to residents is also based on the principle of choice. We endeavour to meet the needs and wishes of all residents which have to encompass a wide range of physical and mental abilities as well as a wide range of ages and interests. The activity staff, through their own knowledge and experience and in continuous discussion with service users, provide a diverse and exciting programme of activities. They are constantly looking for new ideas and volunteers who can bring their own particular expertise into the programme.

We also have facilities for bathing and showering non-residents, with hoist accessibility. This would involve the use of a one to one carer, and is over and above the usual personal care provider.

The activities we provide include 'Creativity for All' (making things both for pleasure and fundraising) keep fit, music, sewing, quizzes, discussions, literacy and numeracy exercises, table games such as dominoes, cards, and floor games such as carpet bowls, new age kurling and boccia. We have a very popular reading club, baking, and cookery sessions.

Going off-site, we go ten-pin bowling, archery, swimming and one to one staff have the opportunity to take their individuals shopping or to other venues such as the museum, cinema and to the local parks etc.

We also have a power-chair football team, who use Bottesford Sports Hall on a Friday morning. This is run in association with Scunthorpe United Disability Football, and we have specific chairs for anyone who doesn't want to use their own chair and indeed for anyone who doesn't normally use a wheelchair. It is very popular, and the team does play games against teams from other areas. Come along and watch a session. If really helps concentration, space awareness, and driving skills, as well as being great fun.

New Facilities

In order to enhance the experiences for service users, both resident and day care attendees, we have invested heavily in some new facilities. We have extended our original activities building to include a Rebound Therapy room and an iMUSE room. We have also built a separate building, named The Norman Peet Centre which has been specifically designed to house a fully accessible kitchen, beauty salon, an art room and a relaxation room where on a Tuesday individual’s can receive a session of Reiki and/or Reflexology by a fully qualified member of staff.

Rebound Therapy

This is a light and spacious room, fully accessible by hoist, containing a floor level trampoline. We have a number of trained and qualified staff to undertake programmes designed specifically around each individual user. The programmes are designed to build confidence in the individual, develop concentration and eye contact with the trainer, as well as helping in the development of muscle tone. The exercises help relaxation in individuals with tense muscle tone and give more strength to weak muscles. Individuals can work towards gaining a certificate and a badge as they progress through their programme.



This is a groundbreaking piece of technology which involves computer-generated sound and graphics to give individuals an audio-visual and acoustic experience. The individual stands, sits or lays on a sound box and watches a graphics display on a screen in a darkened room. The individual then has the opportunity to cause random changes to the graphics by either making noises into a microphone or by the movement of any part of their body (which also creates artificial music). The result is that either by making noise or by using movement, the user is able to see a result in the graphics, hear a result in the sound, and feel the vibration coming up through the sound box. The vibrations can be felt even if the user is in a wheelchair.

It is designed to encourage sound generation by individuals with limited vocalisation, and encourage movement in individuals with physical limitations. It is also a very relaxing experience for anyone who may be somewhat agitated.

There are a very limited number of these systems in the country at this point in time, and we are proud to have one on site.  Come along and have a session, I’m sure you will be amazed.

The Norman Peet Centre


This is a modern fully accessible kitchen, with different height work surfaces, allowing individuals in small groups to prepare, cook and eat a meal on a Wednesday morning in ‘Life Skills’, and to participate in the baking of buns, biscuits and cakes etc, over three sessions a week. One or more staff members are present to provide whatever assistance is necessary.

Beauty Salon

This is a ‘pamper room’, where individuals can have their hair washed, finger and toenails cut and painted, foot and hand massages, and foot spas etc. It has the air of a professional salon and is very popular and greatly frequented. It contains an adjustable sink for hair washing and uses a professional sterilisation unit to clean the utensils.

Creativity for All (Art Room)

This is a purpose-built room in which to undertake all manner of different creative activities, from painting to stenciling, card making, candle making, bath scrubs, both for individuals to use and sell for fund-raising. It is really amazing what the staff can use to make countless different types of articles, including flannels to create little animals and baby socks to create floral bouquets. Again we work in small groups in order that staff can have the time to give whatever and however much assistance is needed by service users.

Why not purchase a session and see what we do?

Relaxation Room

This contains soft lighting, a sound system, floor mattresses and a massage table. It can be used as just a chill out room for someone wishing to sit or lay quietly, but it is also used, on a Tuesday for the provision of Reiki and Reflexology. The room is fully accessible by hoist, so if you would like to come and experience a session of either Reiki or the Reflexology, these can be purchased.

If you would like to participate in any of our sessions, please contact Gary Wilson, Activities Manager, 01724 844168 for more details and charges.

We look forward to seeing you and helping you to experience our facilities.